Find Your Next Teaching Gig



There are numerous options for indie instructors who'd like to connect their online or face-to-face course with a new audience. Your local college or adult school may offer you the perfect opportunity to share what you know, build your professional credibility, and grow your following. Now, let us show you how to do it - the right way.


How We Can Help

In this do-it-yourself short course, we'll provide you with the tools and professional know-how to find the schools in your area who'll make a good fit for your course and walk you through every step of the proposal process. Once completed, you'll be able to find schools and propose a class right away on your own. You'll learn:

  • How to assess your local class market for teaching opportunities and identify who at the school to contact
  • What Deans, Directors, and Lifelong Learning Program Coordinators are looking for in a course proposal
  • What exactly to include in your proposal to ensure the greatest chance your class will be scheduled
  • How to align the topic/structure/format of your existing course with the local class provider's goals

Ready to learn all this and more? 

You've got a deep desire to build your teaching business, but don't have the time to research and propose your courses to the schools in your local market? In this expanded course, we'll teach you everything in the DIY Course Proposal class, as well as do all of the legwork for you. We'll include:

  • A custom course proposal form for you to quickly complete and submit
  • Once we've received your information, we'll review your proposal and suggest any changes or edits to course titles/descriptions/formats.
  • We'll work with you to identify schools in your area where you'd like to offer your course.
  • We'll review each school's continuing education department's policies and requirements regarding course submissions to ensure they're all met.
  • We'll include a branded letter stating this course has been reviewed and vetted by Courseography.
  • With your consent, we'll submit your course proposal to up to (3) schools at your request.
  • If the school requests to meet with you to discuss your course, we'll schedule a 20-30 minute session to prepare you for any questions you may be asked.
  • With your approval, we'll promote your course across our site and social media channels.

Ready to take the next step to build your course empire?