Designed for solo entrepreneurs, course creators, lifelong learning professionals, and instructors of every kind.

Courseography is a place for those who are looking to educate themselves on the business of lifelong learning and receive guidance on how to best connect their course(s) to online marketplaces & local class providers.

It is the independent project of Michael Hegglund, former Dean of Community & Continuing Education for De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. 

Michael has scheduled thousands of professional development & enrichment courses, as well as worked with hundreds of instructors on curriculum design, pricing, and course marketing. 

At present, he is in the process of creating several online courses including how to leverage local class providers to build an online audience, as well strategies for how instructors may deepen the value of the courses they create. He plans to launch in 2017. 

Michael, a devout minimalist, lives just outside Sacramento and travels regularly to the San Francisco Bay Area.  He may be found on the weekends running deep out into the trails of the lower Sierra and Santa Cruz Mountains. He's totally down to meet you for a run, too.