Make Your Own Face-to-Face, Online, or Blended Courses. Teach Them Anywhere.


Less "scale," More impact

For many new and experienced course creators, the most powerful way to connect with an audience will always be in person. In an age increasingly skewed toward online learning, we'll show you how to build "scale" while also being "local," so you can grow a thriving, blended teaching practice that is able to positively impact the lives of your students - no matter how you plan to reach them.



For those wishing to carve out a new source of income, test out a new course idea, or simply teach something you're passionate about, you can easily tap into your local community to grow a following. Let us show you how to offer short courses to local class providers in your area, so you're able to connect with an audience of like-minded learners hungry for what you know.


the value of blended learning

Don't limit your course business to only one format. Learn how to properly blend online and face-to-face learning together to add value to your course. If you already offer an online course, we'll discuss how to repurpose your online content to deepen the learning experience for your students and create lasting engagement.

Think Globally, Teach Locally.


You're an expert. Let's connect what you know with the world.


Understanding the local class ecosystem

In nearly every community, there exists a network of local class providers seeking to offer courses via their independent platforms. Some of these are large schools and colleges with deep ties to the communities they serve, while others are merely small training organizations or individuals striving to build their own "school." Learn how to tap into them to offer your online or face-to-face course, build an audience, earn credibility, and get paid in the process. 


You'll step inside the minds of local class providers so you can understand what they're looking for in a course proposal and the specific strategies you can employ to ensure your course is selected, successful, and grows your audience.

The key to course success is adaptation. Learn how to re-engineer your course to fit different learning environments and student learning styles. 

Course Marketing

If anyone tells you course marketing is easy, they're lying. There is no one right way to promote your course. Don't forget to incorporate practical, efficient face-to-face to strategies to find and meet your students.

You'll learn how leveraging local class providers can connect you to a marketplace of students you never knew existed. In addition, how local learning organizations can promote your course for you, while enhancing your professional credibility. They may even connect you to new teaching opportunities!

Learning Happens Everywhere.


Let's grab a cup of coffee & chat

Some of the most meaningful learning we do are often informal conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. We want to meet you in person, discuss your course-building ideas, and explain how you might connect your course to local class providers and online markets. Send us a quick message or view the events calendar for our next local coffee chat. 



Come harness the power of a network of like-minded local learners. Our goal is to set-up small gatherings using the popular app, meetup. We'll model how to use the app for networking, so you can apply the same fundamentals to engage a local audience on a topic of interest for you. (See, we learn by *doing* in these parts.) 

We're based in Sacramento, CA and plan to host gatherings throughout Northern CA. Live too far away? Request a meetup in your area or we can schedule a private chat or webinar.


learn via 1:1 online session, Webinar, or course

We love meeting locally because it offers an opportunity for learners to meet in-person with one another. Sometimes, though, we realize meeting face-to-face is just not possible. At Courseography, we're ready and willing to set-up a 1:1 online session, schedule a webinar, or have you enroll in a self-paced course to get you started. 


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